POS is the solution for all your retail problems

Quickbooks Point of Sale is great at giving retailers an overview of their business, while also adding efficiency to daily tasks.

“Become part of a community of businesses (240,000 and growing) that have already implemented Intuits QuickBooks POS service into their office tasks at discounted rates without the presence of any hidden fees."
Intuit QuickBooks POS support helps you choose from among the three convenient pricing plans for the Point of Sale application, depending on the scale of your business as well as your needs. Presenting very flexible rates, protected payment schemes that ensure maximum security and an automatic integration with the QuickBooks software, POS should be the perfect fit for your business.

As a trusted QuickBooks POS technical support provider, we will put our utmost efforts into resolving any errors that you might face in the usage of this software. Our well-trained help desk consists of an array of specialists and experts with multiple years of experience. They are well certified to guide you through the finer points of POS usage. Our QB Customer support team will give you results as soon as they can, with minimal delay as they understand your hectic lifestyle.

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Essentials of POS operation & usage

Quickbooks Point Of Sale enables retailers to perform many daily tasks at a very efficient rate – use it to open different charge accounts for your clients, manage your inventory with an interactive interface, create and print barcodes, each with a unique Universal Product Code and more.

QuickBooks Point Of Sale enables retailers to perform many daily tasks at a very efficient rate – use it to open different charge accounts for your clients, manage your inventory with an interactive interface, create and print barcodes, each with a unique Universal Product Code and more.

Once you have successfully installed the program and configured all the necessary hardware required in order to work at maximum effectiveness, you will be able to easily parse through client sale receipts (including gift cards!) and other custom orders, set up payments, funding and modify payment types according to your requirements all with considerable ease. However, some might find it a daunting task - especially with QuickBooks POS offering a vast variety of tools with different functions, one might need help setting up inventory or reversing a sales receipt. Our QuickBooks point of sale tech support team would be glad to take at least some of that work off your hands.

Integration with Quickbooks Desktop

While they may be different applications, Intuit has ensured that QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks POS can integrate flawlessly with each other. This gives you the advantage of directly transferring all your sales and receipts right into Desktop version. You also have the option of automatically syncing your inventory data as soon as you make a sale from your POS.

This process of information sharing between the two programs is called the Financial Exchange feature. After it is set up, you can initiate a financial exchange anytime from the server workstation. Make sure to have QuickBooks Desktop company file open during the time of synchronization, as this will allow it to directly access your data. You can also perform a manual exchange. This might affect some of your accounts and inventory information. To learn more about the data and the process trees that might be influenced by the exchange, contact our QuickBooks point of sale support number 1-888-986-7735.

Toll Free: 1-888-986-7735

Getting started with Quickbooks POS Installation

  • The first thing you need to ensure (preferably before even purchasing the software) is that the system that you will run POS on meets all the minimum requirements for its installation and operation.
  • Next, make your way to their site and download the program. Alternatively, you can purchase it online and wait for a mail order containing your copy of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Follow the instructions through the rest of the installation procedure, making sure the read and accept the software license agreement. Keep your license and product serial keys at the ready as you will be required to enter them to proceed further in the installation.
  • Make the choice between assigning a single user or multiple users to the program. Selecting multiple users will enable you to add two or more users to the Point of Sale account.
  • Use the back option in case you want to review/ modify any of the previous choices you entered into the installation program.
  • Make sure to restart your computer after the completion of the process.

Remember to activate the product after installation and you are set! If you are facing any unforeseen errors with POS installation in spite of the above guide, the professionals at our company provide QuickBooks point of sale support. For detailed explanations, feel free to dial QuickBooks customer support number 1-888-986-7735.

Why you should choose us?

  • Our confidants work on a round the clock basis – 24x7, 365 days of the year. We recognize the importance of your time, and make sure none of it is wasted.
  • We go above and beyond the ordinary tech-support sites, with advisors having over 5 years of experience in Quickbooks POS usage.
  • Our motto is to satisfy every customer, with quick, guaranteed solutions to your problems.
  • We will give your queries a prompt response.
  • Just dial our toll-free number 1-888-986-7735 today!

Common problems that you might come across while using Quickbooks POS

Given below are the list of common queries that we receive from our clients in relation to Point of Sale. It is a concise list and only focuses on the more frequented ones.

What are the minimum system requirements my system requires to run QuickBooks POS?
You will require at least 2 GB of RAM, 2 Gb of disk space, Windows XP and a moderately fast internet connection before you attempt to complete the installation.
What are the three different subscription plans that I can avail?
Depending on the functionality you require from the product, there are three different tiers that are available – basic, pro and multi-store. If you’re having trouble choosing, we have very competent advisors to help you pick the perfect fit for you at our QuickBooks pos support number.
Will I have to spend time entering individual data about my clients and inventory?
If you have an Excel document of your data present on your system, you can simply import data from it to your POS application without much difficulty.
Is it possible to sync data from external accounting software?
Yes, Quickbooks POS offers the option to import data directly from non-Intuit programs.
Why aren’t my adjustments showing on the balance sheet?
In case your balance sheet adjustments are incorrectly reflected on your software, check to see if you have mapped the correct accounts, as well as ensuring that the transfer did occur during the data change.
What is the store exchange function in the multi-store version?
This function helps you process data exchange between any retail outlet you choose and your office headquarters.
How can I upgrade from the basic to pro?
All you require is to purchase a serial key from Intuit, for an instant upgrade to the version of your choice.
Is it possible to use the same QuickBooks POS version for all my companies?
While you require multiple QuickBooks licenses for each company, yes, it is indeed possible to run as many businesses as you want using one copy of QuickBooks POS.
Does Quickbooks POS offer a protected payment scheme?
Yes! All your payments will be in compliance with PCI policy, along with having secure encryptions for any payments you might receive.

Some regular unexpected error messages that our clients receive

For any error that may not be present on this list, please do contact us at QuickBooks POS customer support phone number for a comprehensive solution to your problem.

Error code 140014
This usually occurs when the particular company file you selected isn’t open on Quickbooks Desktop.
Error code 176109
QuickBooks Error 176109 could occur when you attempt to register your version of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
Error code 1328
This is a specific patch error that might occur on later versions of Quickbooks POS.
Error code 181016
This is one of the more common data conversion errors.
Error code 181021
Maybe you are trying to open a specific company file without administrator access.
Error code 140025
Try to check if you accidentally left the ‘preferences’ tab isn’t open.
Error code 193
This error will prevent you from starting up certain services, and refuses you multi-user access to the software.
Error code 1328
This is another unexpected error that occurs during the updating/installing process.
Error code 40018
Some core components in your Quickbooks POS files might be wrongly configured.
Error code 3180
If you are using an invalid account for posting, this message usually shows up as an unexpected error.
Error code 100
QuickBooks Error 100 shows up when the user tries to open Point of Sale. The error message will show as “Error 100 database server is not found “08w01”.
Error code 175305
Check if your firewall is interfering with the data exchange.
Error code 1706
This error shows up during the installation process, slowing down your system or causing lag spikes.
Error code 121
QuickBooks Error 121 - If QB POS shows update message, it becomes essential for you to update the app. The older versions are at a higher risk to encounter Error 121.
SSL connection error
This shows up when you have an expired security certificate.
Error code 6000
An unexpected error message that pops up while trying to open a company file.
Error code 100060
QuickBooks Error 100060 - you might encounter “Error 100060”, that means system could not create some important and necessary accounts.
Error code 6085
A rare error that only occurs when the incorrect password is entered during backup restoration.


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